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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Become a government informer #2

'Environmental volunteers' will be encouraged to spy on their neighbours.

It's very late and I'm really too tired to put much into this, and really nothing needs to be said that hasn't been said before except that some power obsessed self righteous little shits no doubt will volunteer for this. Bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards.


Hazel Blears' P45 said...

Yes indeed.

Can't wait to leave the place.

How's Australia?

Angry Exile said...

Everyone form an orderly queue at Heathrow, no pushing at the back please. ;-)

Australia is good and I'm enjoying it here very much. However, don't imagine that it's a utopian paradise because it has it's faults, some of which it shares with the UK. The crime rate is supposedly about the same, though it doesn't feel like it (might be the under-reporting of UK crime that NuLabGov is occasionally accused of), they know how to tax you here and there's a funny mixture of authoritarian and libertarian policies. Oh, and we've now got a Labour PM again, though frankly I doubt the Liberals (who aren't really very liberal at all) would have been much better anyway. But there's less Big Brother and the weather's much better, Aussie Rules is more watchable than soccer, and Skippy is cheap, low in fat and delicious mwahahahaha.

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