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Thursday, 20 October 2011

The sun won't fall down tomorrow...

Bet your bottom dollar, unless of course you're mad enough to still think that after at least two bum apocraplypse predictions Harold Camping's still on the money that it's game over at 6 tomorrow evening. Oh, and also too busy spreading the word to hear that Camping has dialled back the rhetoric slightly and has now only said that the end is 'probably' October 21st. Well, with his track record you can hardly blame the guy for wanting to build a way out into his current prediction, which brings me on to my own prediction which is that by Monday, or maybe the end of next week, Camping will be making similar noises to those Christians who last May were citing reasons why humanity couldn't possibly know the date for sure. In the meantime if the world's still here on Saturday morning those of his followers who've accidentally forgotten to blow literally all their money will be rapt.

Oh, sorry, poor choice of word? Maybe a very predictable choice of music will make up for it.

And just in case the internet is here and the rest of us aren't I've scheduled the next few posts.
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