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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Out on the street, Grandad, you don't need this place anymore - UPDATED

In case you haven't heard about this... well, they call themselves a charity but since what they're suggesting doesn't seem too charitable I'll just call them this bloody Intergenerational Foundation mob, and their idea of 'encouraging' old folks to sell up and move to smaller houses I'll direct you to the Snowolf, Longrider and Bucko the Moose, who all cover everything I could possibly say about it and much more besides. All I'll add is that if the name 'Intergen Foundation' came up in a movie you'd probably assume it was an evil sci-fi corporation. How close that is to reality is probably down to how you see retired homeowners.

UPDATE - despite the strong waft of fake charity emanating from this bunch I see that they're a new charity (like the world was fucking short of 'em) and so there are no accounts to look at yet. But it'll be very interesting to see what proportion of their income comes from the public sector when they do produce accounts, very interesting indeed.
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