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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Oh nos, anothr newspapr typo

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I'm sure whoevr does the headlins at The Austrian received sufficint educaton to know that 'smash' has a secnd 's' but everyoe makes mistaks now and thn, and maybe spellcheckrs don't work on headlins which would explan why it's often wrng in the headlin and right in the article. But doesn't anyone ever come back and check? This one's been talking about a 'smah' for two days now. It's just a little thing, I know, and I'm probably being a pedantic grammar/spelling nazi as well as a hypocrite because there certainly are mistakes around here. The difference is though I have a staff of one, and I'd like to think that if I had a fraction of the resources of a big newspaper there'd never be a mistake on the blog at all. Now and again I'll give a longer blog to Mrs Exile to read right before I hit publish and sometimes she'll spot a typo I hadn't seen, but like most bloggers I'm my own proof reader and inevitably it's hard for the person who writes something to do a good job at checking it for errors. You tend to read what you know you meant to say rather than the words formed from the keys your fat, useless, sausage fingers actually hit. So is the reason for typos in some publications simply that they don't have someone proofreading and the writer is expected to do it? I've no idea what the procedure is in real newspapers but surely at least two people, the writer and an editor, see an article before it gets published? You'd think that at least one would be able to spot it when a five letter word is missing a letter.
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