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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is he allowed to say that?

Via Guido.

Funniest part for me was not Clarkson's usual hyperbolic style, which is normally amusing but rarely to be taken too literally, but the look on Alex Jones' face. At first it seemed as if she was wondering if anyone was allowed to say such things and was apologising for this crazy man with the grey pubes on his head who doesn't say the kind of things BBC employees are supposed to, before switching to a stony expression suggesting she was as quietly appalled as if Jeremy Clarkson had said he wanted to put kittens in a blender. I've no idea if this impression is accurate or fair as I know nothing about Alex Jones or her politics and even had to google to find out her name, but I suspect that even if she didn't feel embarrassed and appalled at Clarkson's latest failure to be right-on and PC there will be many, many people at the BBC who do.
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