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Friday, 4 February 2011

Useful idiot wants thought police to get money for her.

Oh for fuck's sake.
A Mexican has instructed lawyers to bring a test case against Top Gear after her countrymen were branded 'lazy, feckless and flatulent' on the hit show.
Iris de la Torre, a jewellery design student in London, is bringing the claim under a new equality law. Her lawyers claim it could cost the BBC £1million in damages.
They have demanded the hit BBC1 motoring show is taken off the air and an investigation made into the comments.
For holding a fucking opinion, even if it is a bit of a childish one?! And only the other day they were saying how things had apparently now reached the heresy by thought stage.
On Sunday night's show, Richard Hammond was discussing a Mexican sports car and suggested that vehicles reflect the national characteristics of the country they are from.
He added: 'Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat.’
Oh, dear, poor poor Iris. God, being a Mexican in England and dealing with that must be like, oh I don't know, maybe being English and living in Australia where everyone calls you a pom and jokes that you're from a nation of people who can't cook and won't wash properly. Oh, hey, that's... that's awful. Where's my cheque? Who do I sue? C'mon, Iris, help me out here. We're in this together, you and me and other folk oppressed by the hurtful thoughts of other people.

Or we could just, y'know, grow the fuck up and laugh it off. You are, if reports are to be believed, thirty years old. Thirty! You're not a child anymore, Iris. You're a grown woman, for fuck's sake. Isn't it time to act like an adult instead of a kid whining about what someone else said in the fucking playground? Or is there a possibility that a big fat cheque for basically doing nothing at all other than holding an opinion and taking umbrage that not everyone shares it just too big a fucking lure? For what it's worth I'd agree that Hammond's comments are probably ignorant in a literal sense, especially about the food - just watch the show for a while and you'll see how his laughable unadventurous and picky eating is a running joke whenever they go abroad. And the whole idea that cars reflect national character is silly anyway. Aussie cars don't chuck a sickie when the cricket's on and British made cars come with a satnav that doesn't know anything about anywhere beyond the end of your own road.
'I was shocked at what the BBC allowed to be broadcast. I have never had a bad experience in the UK due to my nationality.'
Well you can probably fucking expect a few now, though not because of your nationality so much as your character. It took me less than ten minutes online to find both your website and that of a gallery where you've worked or exhibited your work, plus your rough CV and your photograph. And if I can then what's to stop someone else? So don't be surprised if some "grow the fuck up" type messages appear (though not from me - I've better things to do).

And you want to know what the really sad thing is for Mexicans? British perceptions of their national character probably will change as a result of this, and not for the better. Because the two Mexicans who had more newsprint used to write about them in the UK than probably any of their countrymen in the last decade or more (with the possible exception of Alfonso Cuarón - directing a Harry Potter film will do that) are acting like whiny little children with angstrom thin skins, fragile egos, low self-esteem and absolutely no sense of humour. Which I'm sure is unrepresentative of most Mexicans, and is certainly unedifying even by comparison with what was said on Top Gear. Fat, feckless and flatulent actually sounds like much better company to be with than pathetic, attention-seeking, whinging crybaby.

Oh, and a special nod to Harridan Harperson, without whose work this woman might have had to act like everyone else does when they hear something they don't like and just fucking deal with it.
If it goes to court, the case could be the first to be brought under the Equality Act which came into force last year.
Well done, Harriet, you've made thought crime even more of a reality than it was before. Thanks for fucking everything, you hateful bitch. Now do the human race a favour and disappear up your own arse before you deal any more harm to personal liberty.

H/T Down With That Sort Of Thing.
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