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Friday, 25 February 2011

New cognitive dissonance meter needed

Mine exploded after reading this at Velvet Glove, Iron Fist.
Chronically deluded neo-prohibitionist Deborah Arnott has popped up in The Guardian whinging about an article which stated the obvious about smuggling (ie. higher taxes = more smuggling). Apparently basic economics do not exist on Planet ASH. The headline says it all:

It is a myth that high duties on tobacco lead to increased smuggling

It would be an insult to your intelligence, dear reader, if I explained why Arnott is talking rubbish. It is Tim Worstall's unreconstructed view that Ms Arnott should shut up and put the kettle on. I also recommend reading the disparaging comments beneath the article itself.

As Snowdon notes at VGIF (and do read the rest of his post for a more complete view of why Deborah Arnott is talking utter bollocks according to news of baccy smuggling on her own organisation's website) you need to be incredibly dense or lying to peddle this crap, and he doesn't think she's that dense.
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