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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Comfortably Dumb II

As a follow up to yesterday's post about Charlie Gilmour attempting to set fire to the doors of the Supreme Court I offer this (continued after the jump because the damn clip keeps auto-playing).

Eight years, eh? And for similar offences bearing in mind that both Ali and Charlie (jeez, the names even rhyme) were unsuccessful. Ali did cause more damage because he smashed a window, but offsetting that is the free entertainment he provided teh interwebs and Britain's Dumbest Crooks* by running head first into the lamppost. In fact I'm going to watch that again in a minute.

But the point is that if Amir Ali got eight years for his unsuccessful arson attack Charlie Gilmour should (a) be tried and (b) get a custodial sentence if convicted. Perhaps not quite as much as eight years, but maybe four or five. Not good news for Charlie, but on the plus side being locked away from the distractions of uni life might help his history studies sufficiently for him to recognise the Cenotaph and its significance. The down side is the possibility of getting an uncomfortable bum.

But somehow I doubt he'll get more than a smack on the wrist, and that might even come from the fucking university.
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