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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Not exactly news...

... but more reasons why so many people think the UK is a surveillance society. What really gets on my tits is how many of the fuckers are local council busybodies and, to pour piss into the wound, using legislation like RIPA that was supposed to be about tackling terrorists and organized crime. Well, many believed it was bullshit at the time and almost with every passing week we're proved more correct. The good news is that the cunts responsible for bringing in these laws- laws that are not so much badly thought out as deliberately designed to lie down, open up and whore themselves to those very same bastards who brought them in - that allow the ongoing stasi-fication of Britain will be out of jobs in less than a year. The bad news is that the pricks that sit opposite have been worryingly quiet about their plans to repeal them. Think about that every day between now and the next election, and ask the prospective candidates what the fuck they propose to do about it. If you get evidence of some independent thought, even if it's on a line you might not agree with, they might be worth a punt. If you get someone who's obviously the next generation of lobby fodder tell them to come back after they've fucking grown a pair of their own. LPUK still looks like the nearest to what I believe in, though it's not 100% and it still remains to be seen if they'll get anywhere or if they'll even be here in a couple of elections time. I'm not a member and being an ex-pat I'm not sure it's even appropriate to join, but despite the disappointing result they got in the recent by election (won by the aforementioned next gen lobby fodder) I still think they might be the best hope for the UK in the long term. For sure the other options, with the possible exception of UKIP, aren't.
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