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Friday, 10 April 2009

Welfare cheats have nothing on our MPs.

Post title blatantly stolen from The Telegraph where Gill Hornby likens Westminster to a sink estate full of dodgy scroungers. No apologies for quoting at length:
Benefits cheat Sylvia Rogers claimed £28,000 from the state which, by shrewd investment and careful husbandry she turned into a very comfortable £60,000. She showed up in court this week, provocatively wearing novelty socks with "Show Me the Money" on them, and received a six-month suspended sentence. She should also be fast-tracked on to a women-only shortlist for a safe seat. With such an eye for financial detail, Mrs Rogers, from Wythenshawe, Manchester, would be at home in the Palace of Westminster.
The more we hear, the more it appears that the House of Commons is scarcely different from any other sink estate where everyone's on the make. Before we had digested the news of Jacqui Smith's bath plug (88p) and two – two! – washing machines (£568.95), we had to swallow the details of Shaun Woodward's claims. Mr Woodward is the richest member of the Commons, because he's married to one of the richest women in the country. He has property in London, Oxfordshire, New York and the West Indies, so he's pretty well sorted when it comes to places to lay his head. He also, as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, enjoys the splendours of Hillsborough Castle, which costs £5 million a year to run, and has a hefty entertaining allowance. So, you might be thinking, Shaun Woodward – there's an MP who won't bother claiming every last quid of his £23,083 second home allowance. And inevitably, you would be wrong.
Actually I'd have expected little else. I can't bear the bastard.
Of course, the difference between Mrs Rogers of Wythenshawe and Jacqui Smith, or Tony McNulty – who, you will remember, claimed £60,000 to live with his parents when his own house was nearby – is that the politicians are not actually committing benefit fraud. Ludicrous though the rules are, all these MPs have been acting within them.
Agreed, but it would also have been worth mentioning that the bastards have just made the rules looser still.

Go read the rest, and then have a nice lie down before your blood pressure gets too high.

UPDATE: Just in case here's a reminder of what the thieving cunts are up to.
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