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Monday, 1 September 2008

Unlikeable council CEO

Spotted on Nanny Knows Best:
Those of you who are wondering if our beloved local councils provide us with value for money, may care to consider what Dr Allison Fraser (CEO of Sandwell council) is doing with their council taxpayers' money.

Dr Fraser has decided that it is necessary to spend £5K to go on a self-awareness training course in Germany and Florida, to teach herself to 'like herself'.

The courses in the Avatar Professional Course will teach her how to become 'more likeable'. is a simple suggestion Dr Fraser, to make yourself more likeable, don't waste £5K of taxpayers' money on self indulgent crap!

Quite. And a complete waste of money. She might end up liking herself a bit more but I for one can't stand the silly bitch, and I'd never even heard of her an hour ago. Nanny Knows Best points out that she earns £140,000 and suggests Fraser stump up the money herself, but let's remind ourselves that her £140K salary is paid for by the taxpayer in the first place... and on top of that she pisses away more taxpayers' money on this crap. Unbefuckinglievable.
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