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Friday, 1 October 2010

The new Untermenschen - UPDATED

They're everywhere, the new Untermenschen. You probably know several yourself. A smoker or two, obviously, that goes without saying. And drinkers too, of course, and people who put extra salt on their chips, and in fact people who like chips in the first place unless they're pretty stringent about hitting the gym and working them back off again. Yes, we all know that in the Ninth Circle of Hell Judas Iscariot will be smoking, drinking and tucking into over salted so-called junk food without taking any exercise, but the criteria for being among the new Untermenschen doesn't end with simple personal lifestyle choices that don't fit in with the Strength Through Joy-ism of the state and it's nannies. Oh no. If you don't commit to the new state religion as well, even if you do actually believe in it, then you too are an Untermensch.
And so you should be killed, preferably as graphically as possible pour encourager les autres.


At this point I had embedded the original movie from YouTube but thanks to microdave in the comments I see this morning that the backlash has grown during the night and the vid has now been taken down. However, they've just been reminded that once anything hits the interwebs it's probably there for good, and so it has proved. There are dozens on YouTube and they're probably going up faster than they can be taken down, and even if that dies down it still won't have gone since microdave snagged a copy to stick on EyeTube and which I'm using to replace the defunct YouTube one.

Great work, Dave. They'll have a hard time getting this genie back in the bottle.

Your choice. You don't have to join in. No pressure... BLAM
No pressure - because not joining in makes your continued existence unnecessary. You are, you see, entirely disposable. Even that bird who used to be in the X-Files can be disposed of, her contribution deemed insufficient to allow her life to continue. She believed enough to do the voiceover but didn't plan to join in the rituals, and that won't do because it's not just your belief the Gaists demand. It's your unswerving obedience. Failure deserves death, instant and very, very bloody death. They're not actually killing anyone yet, but it's getting pretty obvious how they feel about anyone not singing from their hymn book.

And of course it's not just them because the anti-smoke, anti-drink, anti-meat, anti-fat, anti-personal choice mobs think no more of you than do the Gaiasts. Very soon we will all be Untermenschen in the eyes of somebody, if we're not already. We can choose to stand up now and say, 'Enough.' Or we can wait for one of them to give us our final order:

"Stand by the wall, you fucking scum!"

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