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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Not so much winning friends, but sure as hell influencing people.

Still too busy to blog properly but now it's mainly because I'm too busy laughing. The Cyclopean Disaster of Drowning Street's latest fuck up - by his standards almost unique in that it damages him personally more than anyone else - is just too funny for words. Not only did he show his true colours and his contempt for voters by bad mouthing someone who supports his party, and not only did the hypocritical bastard do this seconds after being all smiley and nice to her, and not only did the bumbling tool forget he was still miked up for the TV (not the first time one of his strops has come unstuck because of a TV microphone), not only did he have a pop at one of his staff for allowing awkward members of the public near him with their awful opinions, but on top of all that he never noticed there was a camera on him during the subsequent radio interview and so we were all treated to the glory of a full 25 second facepalm.

I'd like to imagine Cameron and Clegg were on the phone to each other not long afterwards:
"Did you just see that?"

"Yeah. Did he say what I think he said?"

"I think so."

"I'm not dreaming, am I? He really did say it?"

"I've watched it three times. Yeah, he really said it."




"Here, I'll give you a fiver for every time you can get the word 'bigot' into a speech between now and the 6th."

"Yeah, I bet that's what you said to Gordon."


Simply fucking glorious, and needless to say The Mash didn't waste any time.


Captain Ranty said...

Let's face facts. Brown is a cunt of the first water.

He has the reverse Midas touch. Everything he goes near, or mentions, or praises, turns to shit.

He has a Black Belt 4th Dan in fuckwittery.

Death, for him, would be a kindness.


Angry Exile said...

Certainly kinder than some possibilities I can think of that involve a cheese grater, a bottle of vinegar, a set of jump leads and a truck battery. On the other hand the most entertaining thing is probably just watching the cunt destroy himself.

JuliaM said...

It's like Christmas and my birthday all come at once! :)

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