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Friday, 4 September 2009

Gun laws keeping everyone safe again..... not!

Two points occur to me about the two teens accused of planning a Columbine copycat attack on their school in Manchester. First is that there's a lot of referring to journals where there was talk of walking from room to room shooting people and eventually turning the guns on themselves just as the two Columbine headcases did, yet I haven't seen anything anywhere about the police recovering firearms. Okay, maybe they just hadn't got around to getting them before they were arrested. Skip that and move on to point two: if the prosecution's case is to be believed then all this death and destruction was planned despite Britain's draconian gun laws, and indeed despite the various laws against the actual death and destruction. Even assuming that they'd have been unable to get firearms in the end, and as I've blogged before that's by no means guaranteed (see this and this for stories of items banned by the Firearms Acts that have turned up in Britain anyway, to say nothing of guns in the hands of real criminals and gangs), how would they have been prevented from assembling explosives from legally available products? Just like, oooh, David Copeland and Timothy McVeigh (who the accused teens supposedly looked up to) and other assorted fucknuckles.

You can't wish away the danger posed by the tiny minority of loons, headcases, religious nutjobs, deluded psychos and other fucking defectives that these various cunts came from by waving the legislative wand and banning guns, okay? You. Just. Fucking. Can't. But if the aim is for governments to be seen "taking action" and for the general population to develop a cosy but false sense of security, well then gun laws are just the fucking job.

1 comment:

JuliaM said...

"...yet I haven't seen anything anywhere about the police recovering firearms."

Nope. I've been waiting for that other shoe to drop, too.

They did find a downloaded copy of 'The Anarchist's Cookbook' on a search of one of the houses, though.

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